APRIL 2015

Rogation Sunday -10th May, in days gone by included a ceremony called Beating the Bounds.  A procession, led by the Rector and all the village dignitaries, walked the boundaries of the village to enable young people to learn where their community started and finished.  Prayers were said to bless the crops and hymns sung.  Today we have Ordinance Survey and GPS to help us find our way about the village but prayers of thanks and hope for good harvests and singing joyful hymns are still important.  We will hold Rogation for All at 9.30am on May 10th which will involve a brief walk around the farm buildings at Broughton Hall to celebrate aspects of life in the countryside.  At 2.30pm we will lead a walk from Broughton Hall front yard to Stonham Parva church where we will join our friends from the western side of the benefice for a 15 minute service.  After this we will walk to Earl Stonham church room for tea and cakes.  Please come to either event or both.

Please let me know numbers for the afternoon so I can warn the excellent cake makers of Earl Stonham!  Money boxes for the Floodlights Fund will be available on this day.  If you need lifts in either direction let me know and I will check the route for suitability of push-chairing in early May.